Hiroshima and the Asia America Symphony Orchestra


Hiroshima is a Grammy-nominated group that has been performing their unique blend of Jazz with an Asian flavor for  several decades.  Although they are known world-wide, they are beloved by the Los Angeles Japanese American community. One reason they have appeal in Los Angeles is because the music they play is not Japanese music, nor is it purely American music, it is Japanese-American music. The music fuses American jazz with Japanese instruments such as the Koto and Shakuhachi. This music is, at its heart, the same as the mission of AASA, to blend Asian and American influences to come up with something unique. The Asia America Symphony is pleased to be performing with Hiroshima, and especially at the wonderful cultural destination of the Aratani / Japan America Theatre.

Asia America Symphony Orchestra-440x205

This concert will also feature the Asia America Symphony Orchestra playing music from the great american composers: Copland, Brubeck and Benoit.

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Hiroshima Concert Flyer

Aratani / Japan America Theatre

244 S. San Pedro Street

Los Angeles, California